Do you want quality sound and clarity with your audio system? Well then it may be time to upgrade and at Discount Car Audio and King Car Stereo we have everything you need. Whether you want a simple stereo, speaker or entire system upgrade, we can make your driving experience more entertaining. Here at Discount Car Audio and King Car Stereo we offer a wide variety of aftermarket audio equipment and we strive to only provide excellent customer service. Below are a few ways to get that excellent sound quality you deserve.


A car stereo, is the foundation of any good sound system. Standard car stereos usually contain an AM/FM tuner, equalizer and CD player. If your are looking a sound system with all the bells and whistles, the options are endless. Some of the features available today are detachable faceplates, USB ports, auxiliary inputs, GPS navigation, DVD Play-back, iPod control, Pandora Radio, HD Radio, Satellite Radio, and Built-in Bluetooth, and many more.


Good quality speakers are essential to having a great car audio system. Installing a new set of speakers can dramatically improve sound quality with clarity and loudness of an audio system. Aftermarket speakers offer more accurate, fuller and richer sound then most factory speakers are able to produce.


In order to attain full, rich and deep bass subwoofers are needed.  Adding an aftermarket subwoofer can help solve this problem. Here at Discount Car Audio and King Car Stereo we offer a wide variety of enclosure/box components. Let us help you choose the correct amplifier to power the new subwoofers.


Using an amplifier to power your speakers or subwoofers will increase the sound quality significantly. A car amplifier acts as the centerpiece to any state of the art sound system. Incorporating an amp into your car audio system enables your subwoofers and car speakers to reach their full potential.


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