Protect your vehicle and possessions by having a car alarm installed. Car alarms have features such as a siren and remote controls and will monitor and protect the entry points of your vehicle. Advanced car alarm systems have an impact sensor that can detect impacts to the car and disable the starter to prevent your car from theft. The options are limitless, with a touch of a button on your remote you could lock and unlock doors, start your car remotely, roll your windows up or down, protect your wheels by adding optional sensors to alarms and even pop your trunk.
Here are a few types of Car Alarms:

– Basic Car Alarms –  a good basic security system and usually provides keyless entry
– Remote Start Systems – not only protect your investments but start your car with the touch of a button
– GPS Tracking systems – track your vehicle if it is stolen or you want to know the whereabouts of your vehicle at any given moment


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